Want To Change Your Family Overnight?

You have a strong-willed child who is very bright, but not academically motivated. He doesn’t sleep at night, but when he wakes up, he has an agenda. Because he knows what he likes and doesn’t like. And what he doesn’t like is anything that YOU want him to do! So there are power struggles over everything.

You have devoured every parenting book and done the “right” things. You are clear about rules and follow through consistently. But your child simply doesn’t care about consequences. You find yourself saying, “If you would just do what I asked you to do, you would be done in 7 minutes. But you’d rather argue with me for 7 hours, days, weeks, and years. And lose everything you own!”

You see your child not living up to his potential, and it worries you. So you lecture. And you ask. And you plead. And then you finally yell. Because that’s the only way you can get through to him.

But that’s no way to live. You are exhausted, at your wits’ end. You are not alone. We have helped 600,000 parents just like you stop the power struggles, yelling, and defiance.

Click to watch this video. Does this describe your home?

You and your spouse disagree over how to discipline your child. So you’re stuck with this dilemma: protect your child from a husband who has the “my way or the highway” approach or undermine his authority. You walk on eggshells and constantly try to put out fires between the kids. Or you are a single parent who is just overwhelmed. THIS is not what you expected.

Take this quiz. Does your child:
1) Push your buttons and argue like an attorney?
2) Create power struggles over homework, chores, and screens?
3) Melt down over little changes, disappointment, and transitions?
4) Control others, act bossy, and cheat at games?
5) Refuse to accept responsibility for his actions?


How do we know this? Because for over a decade, we invited over 1,500 strong-willed children into our home.

We know what makes them tick inside so we can motivate them and get them to listen the first time…do their homework without a fight…and stop the meltdowns…without crushing their spirits.

If we have described you, your home and your child, then you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. You should feel comforted. Because we understand you and you’re not alone.

You came here for a reason. You want to help this child that you love desperately. So take this one simple action step and eliminate the yelling and power struggles overnight.

Download our e-book now and you can change your child, yourself, and your family overnight.

I wrote it the way I want to. Short chapters so busy Moms can read a chapter in five minutes and put it down. So busy Moms can pull it up on their iPhone or iPad or computer and read just the chapter on morning routine or homework or dinner or whatever part of the day they are struggling with. In traffic, at the grocery store, in the carpool line, right after yelling at their kids!

I am selling it as a downloadable PDF. Why? Because I know men don’t usually read parenting books. But this way, a Mom can highlight, copy and email a relevant paragraph, conversation, or chapter to her husband and ask, “Can we try this at dinner tonight?”

Because many men like things short and sweet, direct and concrete. “I’m not going to read the whole book, but I can try that conversation when I get home.”

And sure, there’s a green part of me that hates wasting millions of pieces of paper, shipping thousands of books to thousands of stores across the country, and throwing damaged copies in a landfill. Plus this is faster and paper-free.

Three publishers are looking at the manuscript now. It will take them 18 months to get this to store shelves. Yeah, it won’t be available until early 2018. That’s ridiculous. So while I am negotiating with them, I am releasing it only to my friends so you can download it now. Today. Not in 2018. So you can change your family overnight.

I wrote a regular version and a Christian version for parents who like to have Scriptural support. Why? Because I want to change as many families as possible. It gives you choices.

I am purposefully charging $99 for this book even though most downloads are a fraction of that cost. Yes, I know it's expensive for a book. But I'm not selling a book. I am giving you dozens and dozens of actual strategies and real-life conversations that will change your family. That will stop the power struggles from morning to midnight. That's worth way more than $99. One visit to a therapist would be at least $99--but I am giving you practical strategies that would take 10 visits to get.

So yes, $99 is too much for a book. But it's not nearly enough for a changed child and changed relationships. It's simply worth it.

BONUS: Through October, we will also include a FREE download of our most popular CD set ever: Calm 24/7. It's usually $197, but we will include this for free. That way, as you are reading the book, you can also be listening to great strategies while driving or exercising.

I will only be able to sell this download until the end of October before I sign a contract. So get this now and share this with friends and family.

Still having power struggles over morning routine, chores, dinner and bedtime, messy bedrooms, and homework? Then you haven’t read this book.

Want to stop the tantrums, meltdowns, annoying sibling squabbles, defiance, rude behavior, and backtalk dead in their tracks? Then read this book and learn how.

Want to get your kids to listen without yelling, be successful in school without crushing their spirit, turn off their screens without a fight, and enjoy a car ride without constant bickering? Read this book and you’ll see results ASAP.

Click here to download the regular version for $99. You will have 50 strategies in your hands immediately. Plus we will include the Calm 24/7 CDs for FREE.

Click here to download the Christian version with Scriptural support for $99. You will know exactly what to do and say in very situation from morning to midnight. Plus we will include the Calm 24/7 CDs for FREE.

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